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Re: [IP] diabetes and pregnancy with twins

>  The best advice I have is to never underestimate the importance of
meeting the
> post-meal
>  target blood sugars regardless of an acceptable A1c. Every blood sugar is
> important, but the post-prandial glucose levels can have a significant
impact on
> your baby's development and metabolism.

This reminds me of something that happened during my first pregnancy.  This
is going to sound absolutely horrible, but I actually forgot to take my
insulin at breakfast that morning.  I got up, ate breakfast, and went to the
doctor's office for one of my twice weekly non-stress tests.  (These measure
the baby's movement, heartrate, and any contractions you may have.)

My son's heartrate was too fast, and they were concerned.  They kept me on
the monitors for a couple of hours and it didn't come down.  During this
time, I realized what I had done when my blood sugar was so high after
breakfast.  I took my insulin then.  This was just right after Humalog had
come out, and they were unsure of its safety during pregnancy, so I was on

They sent me to labor and delivery so that I could be monitored, because of
the baby's rapid heartbeat.  Meanwhile, my blood sugars began drift downward
as the regular insulin took effect.  When my blood sugars hit normal again,
so did his heartrate.

Thanks to that experience, I had no trouble remembering my insulin from then
on!  But I think that is just more evidence that the post prandial values
are important.  I often urge mothers not to obsess over their blood sugars
and put them into perspective, but they ARE important.  It is WISE to be
vigilant.  When you consider things like that, it truly is amazing how many
diabetic women had healthy babies prior to the ability to check one's blood
sugar at home.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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