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Re: [IP] kids at school protocol

HI.  This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua who is 11 and has been pumping for 3+
years.  Up until about one month ago Josh was the only pumper in his whole
district.  Now there is a junior high student who is on a pump.  Anyway,
here in WA state we now have new laws that allow the parents to assign an
adult at the school to oversee ALL diabetes related issues with the DMer
child.  This includes, injection, including glucagon.

What we have been doing up until now is that there is a health room aide
that Josh goes to at lunch time (only time he actually leaves his classroom
for BG checks) and does his BG check in the health room.  Then he leaves his
fannie pack in there which means he HAS to go back to retrieve it.  At that
time the aide will confirm that he did his lunch bolus (this has always been
an issue of his forgetting!!!)  The only time I have to be called is if his
BG is too high or too low, based on the care plan.  If your son is mature
enough and feels capable enough to handle his pump and other D. issues on
his own there should not be a need for all of the 'stuff' they are asking
for.  A lot of the time the schools are asking for the extra stuff because
things are so new for them!!!

If it were me I would let them know that you will go along with THEIR
protocol for a short time period, maybe two weeks, while they get use to the
new routine.  After that they should only require additional info from you
if there is a problem or questions.

Make sure you update your son's 504 plan, with his endo's written
instructions.  If the endo indicates that he feels your son is mature enough
to handle things pretty much on his own then that is how the orders are
written.  They (the school) HAVE to follow them or they are liable for not
following doctor's orders.

Good Luck!

Check out the following:  www.pedsonline.org       Guidelines for schools
and Pumps in Schools.

ADA 504 plan  http://ada.diabetes.org/GoNow/a16366a62485a99368256a1

 mom to Joshua
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