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[IP] diabetes and pregnancy with twins

During my pregnancy with my daughter (who is now 4), I was not on the 
pump yet.  My insulin needs almost doubled by my 36th week.  During my 
1st trimester they would change almost on a daily basis (dealing with 
morning sickness, not being able to eat anything but crackers and 
toast) and by my 2nd trimester, I was pretty much  back on my normal 
dosage, but in my 3rd trimester it seemed like I was taking more and 
more insulin on a daily basis (this is when my doc decided to try me 
on the Humalog with each meal along with 4 shots of N per day).  Maybe 
the more shots made it seem like I was on more insulin than I really 
was - I was on almost 60 units of N per day (15 units each shot) and 
around 50 units of Humalog a day (3 meals and 3 snacks per day).

I had the occasional high, but I just deal with it.  I found if I 
stressed over anything, it would just make it go higher and no amount 
of insulin would bring it down.  I found that getting a massge helped 
me to relax when my sugars were out of control and they would come 
down gradually with no crashing at the end from too much insulin.  

I did have quite a few lows in the beginning, but my doc assured me 
there would be no harm to the baby from a low as long as I was able to 
treat it in time before it got out of control with unconsciousness.  

She was born at 38 weeks a healthy little girl at 8 lbs. 1 oz.  I had 
a vaginal birth with an epidural and only 5 hours of hard labor.  But, 
if I had to do it again, I would schedule a c-section at 38 weeks and 
not have to deal with the pain.  I held out as long as I could and 
almost lost my window of opportunity for the epidural.  

All I cared about was that she had 10 fingers and toes when she was 
born.  I was lucky to even be able to get pregnant with her as my 
kidney function was only at 50% when I conceived and I was told I 
would never be able to have children, well, I showed them!  The endo 
wanted my to have an amnio at 20 weeks to make sure there were no 
birth defects.  I told him absolutely not, I didn't want to take that 
1% chance of miscarriage and that I would love my baby no matter how 
she was when she was born. She could have been born with 5 arms and 3 
legs and I would have loved her the same.  But fortunately, she had 
all 10 fingers and toes and only 2 arms and legs and there was 
absolutely nothing wrong with her and she continues to be healthy to 
this day.  I thank God for her every day of my life!

Good luck with your pregnancy

mommy to Jordynn who is now 4
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