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Re: RE: [IP] Re: A1C Numbers and How They Compare to Blood Sugars

I read Jim's reply to this message, but why would you want to test and
correct every hour?  You would be sacrificing quality of life for bg
control.  I don't think that is a very good trade-off, at least not for me.
Also, just because you don't test below 60, or above 180 doesn't mean you
were not at that level at some point.
thanks, Mario

> id like to argue with this.
> if one test , 8 - 10 times a day, and rarely goes below 60, and rarely
> above 180-210
> (i did say rarely)
> how could one say that, this is in fact, is not an indication, of
> "success at controlling our diabetes."
> It would seem to me, that checking and correcting it hour to hour, sure
> indicates, that,
> for the most part, one IS controlling one's diabetes
> (of course....................... I could be wrong)
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