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[IP] I'm a Pumper!

Well, I have been officialy hooked up ;-)
I went for my training yesterday and I have now been pumping for about 24 
 hours. It is really strange to be going all day without a shot. Twice yesterday
I caught myself going to get a syringe before lunch and dinner....oops...
 Hopefully I get used to this quickly or it could be dangerous. Also, my Dr. has
me testing 8x a day right now and one of them is 3am! so I woke up to my alarm 
clock at 3 and went to get out of bed forgetting that I was "clipped" to my 
 pillowcase...LOL. Going to the Dr. tomorrow to try my first site change. So far
so good.
Erin, diagnosed at 12, 1988
pumping 1 day with my clear paradigm
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