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Re: [IP] kids at school protocol

The school, however, has a rule that
he must call, get the amount, hand the phone to an adult who confirms
the amount, then Alex puts the bolus in, the adult confirms, then Alex
presses ACT, then the adult watches the bolus complete the cycle

This most definitely is a CYA kind of thing I am sure. My advice would be
to watch your son and make sure that he does in fact do everything
correctly each and every time. We all have made a mistake from time to time
on carb counting and other issues as well (that is part of learning). As
long as he is testing and can adjust as needed and understands what to do
in case of a high or low then let the adult at school watch him program a
meal bolus. I however, would not allow them to touch the pump in any way
unless they go through the same training as your son (fat chance). I only
replied to this mailing because I am an ex-school teacher (grass was
greener on the other side). Just my nickels worth
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