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[IP] diabetes and pregnancy with twins

Jenn wrote:
I am now only about 6 weeks pregnant.  My last A1C was 5.9.  My blood
sugar lately has been pretty good although a few too many lows.

I know that everyone is different but I am curious to hear other
people's stories, which will help me to prepare better.
I have had two pregnancies on the pump but not twins.  I know your diabetes
 team will be closely watching your blood sugars and will help you to adjust
basal and/or Ins/CHO aggresively as needed.  

 The best advice I have is to never underestimate the importance of meeting the
 target blood sugars regardless of an acceptable A1c. Every blood sugar is
important, but the post-prandial glucose levels can have a significant impact on
your baby's development and metabolism. In spite of my background, training, and
experience, I was over-confident when all my A1cs were in the mid 5 range and so
I lost some of my post-meal vigilance. Humalog had just come on the scene also,
and I think I thought it was "magic insulin". I wasn't prepared when my daughter
weighed 8.6 lbs at 37 weeks! She would have been a monster if she had gone to
term. This excessive weight gain in infants of diabetic mothers is called
macrosomia. I'm sure you will do your very best which is all you can do. Good
luck! It sure is worth it!
Leigh Steed, RN,CDE
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