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[IP] A1c and how they compair to blood sugars

>>This is a very important point that many Endos fail to recognize. My A1c
>>6.6 prepump and post pump but I can tell you that the pump helped me stop
>>yoyoing considerably. Knowing that the A1c is just an average is
important, for
>>years I would
>> complain to drs about constant lows that would rebound into highs, they
>>take one look at my A1c and tell me not to worry about it! Smoothing
things out
>>has certainly improved my quality of life if not my A1c. :)

"but I can tell you that the pump" 
might i add, 
"with home testing" ??

if only , i could have expressed my thoughts, so eloquently....

another response included:
>>The A1C also provides information about the BG when we don't test, 

id think, if you pump, you test....

>>But as you know, the 
>>standard deviation in the correlation between A1C and complications is
very large.

I love "standard deviation" a good term for:
 "well, it might make a difference, then again, maybe not".

I sure am reading a whole lot of :

"link hemoglobin glycation to say retinal bleeding"
"the glycation process "

PLEH_EZE ??? can we get a little MORE complicated, and, a little LESS


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just a little better)
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