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RE: [IP] Re: A1C Numbers and How They Compare to Blood Suga rs

WELL, IMNSHO, and mine only, a test done once every 3 months,  compared to a
test done 10 time
a day, just cant be all that great. sure i have it done.
(if my doctor would allow, id have it done every month.)

Im probably way off base, but, the A1C, does come
from the days, WAY BEFORE NTDHT ("numerous times a day, home testing"...

being sort of new, to "NTDHT", i just want to make sure,
that others , dont loose sight of its importance.

am i correct, that 100 home test of 40, and 100 home test of 300, would,
come out, somewhat, as a good   A1C ??

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