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[IP] Re: Fast pass (was Travel)


>> You can get a letter from your doctor which will allow you 
>> and 3 others of 
>> your group to use the handicap line and avoid long waits in the heat.
>Only on rides that do not have the FastPass - and virtually all of the 
>popular attractions have the FastPass.  
>Speaking from experience . . . 

Okay...this isn't diabetes related, but in response to Jim mentioning 
Fast Pass.  

>From personal experience, I can state that Fast Pass is really the 
worst invention that amusement parks have introduced.  While the 
concept is good, what it has done has created poor-user experience for 
those who do not or are not able to use it.  

When we visited the Magic Kingdom earlier this year, on day one we 
didn't use Fast Pass at first because we weren't able to.  What I found 
was that lines are HORRENDOUSLY longer for those who don't use Fast 
Pass.  In other words, what would have been a 30 minute line prior to 
Fast Pass now is 1 1/2 hours for those who do not use Fast Pass.

So, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY urge people to use Fast Pass as much as 
possible to avoid any long lines.  You'll find that those rides that do 
not have Fast Pass have much shorter waits...not JUST because they 
aren't as popular, but because Fast Pass itself has LENGTHENED line 
times DRAMATICALLY for those who do not use Fast Pass.  Unfortunately, 
Fast Pass itself isn't all that it's cracked up to be.  First, you have 
to "wait" in a short line to get your Fast Pass, and then you have to 
come back to the area in that time slot and typically STILL have a 
short wait. On the Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin ride, I waited a 
total of 20 minutes when you add the wait time for getting the Fast 
Pass and the wait time to get on the ride itself WITH the Fast Pass. 
While this better than the 70 minutes we waited WITHOUT Fast Pass the 
day before...if Fast Pass were NOT available at all for that ride, the 
wait would have been more like 30-40 minutes total.  ANd, without Fast 
Pass, we waited 1 hour 40 minutes to ride Peter Pan's flight.  (We 
couldn't get a Fast Pass for that ride because they were being assigned 
to a time later in the day that we wouldn't have even been in the park.)

So, once again, use Fast Pass as much as possible in order to avoid a 
poor experience!  :-) 
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