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[IP] A1c and how they compair to blood sugars

email @ redacted writes:
 >But are the numbers skewed because of too many hypos? This is always our
>concern when Joshua's A1C is 6.7. So it doesn't take into account your "too
>many" lows making up for extreme highs. I want a "picture" of Joshua's
>highs/lows on a daily basis. I don't give a rat's patoot about his A1C.
 > My deep apologies to those who have achieved great A1C and are proud . . .
>have to have measurable goals - those are yours to achieve. I want "flat,
>rolling plains", instead of "Rocky Mountain Highs and deep gorges". Hence the
>fight to get the pump!

 This is a very important point that many Endos fail to recognize. My A1c was
6.6 prepump and post pump but I can tell you that the pump helped me stop
yoyoing considerably. Knowing that the A1c is just an average is important, for
years I would
 complain to drs about constant lows that would rebound into highs, they would
take one look at my A1c and tell me not to worry about it! Smoothing things out
has certainly improved my quality of life if not my A1c. :)
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