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[IP] kids at school protocol

Hi.  My son will start the pump on 4/7.  The first week I am planning to
camp out at school.  The second week is spring break.  So my issue is
the 3rd week that he is back to school.  I am thinking that by that time
he will either have the bolusing mastered or not.  Not the carb counting
but the mechanics of the pump.  Assuming that he has this gadjet wired,
my thought was that he would call or I would give him the bolus amount
and then he would do it at school.  The school, however, has a rule that
he must call, get the amount, hand the phone to an adult who confirms
the amount, then Alex puts the bolus in, the adult confirms, then Alex
presses ACT, then the adult watches the bolus complete the cycle.  Alex
is 10 and very responsible and this seems very cumbersome (the
corresponding forms that must be completed to document each of the above
steps are also cumbersome).  I'm wondering what other people do for
somewhat independent kids that works for them?  My huge concern is that
Alex does everything in the classroom right now and I'm worried that if
this is not easy for the teacher she may say she can't have him doing
this in the classroom and he'll have to go the (vacant) nurses office.
Thanks for your help.
mom to Alex (10, dx'd 8/01), Zack (10), Josh (4), wife to Bob for 15
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