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Re: [IP] frozen shoulder

Hi Adela.   I had a frozen shoulder about two years ago and I needed to have
surgery not manipulation. Before the surgery I had limited ROM ( range of
motion)   but after I had almost full ROM.  Manipulation does the same thing
you will require do PT after to keep it moving and it is a little
uncomfortable but worth it.  Unfortunatly for me the shoulder is starting to
stiffin up again so I have to see the Sugeon again but it is not as bad as
the last time so perhaps some physio will help   good luck to you.
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>  Hi there. I was told yesterday by my surgeon that I have frozen shoulder
and he
> wants to do a manipulation where they knock you out and force the shoulder
> move. Has anyone had this and what are your thoughts. I have had an MRI
> x-rays and at first they told me I had an impinged rotater cuff. I have
been a
> type one for 17 years and am 45 years old. Many thanks. Adela
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