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RE: [IP] herbal supplements

I received a free sample of Noni Juice a few months ago and the only thing
I got was frequent trips to the bathroom. Apparently it has laxative

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 YES! I was approached as was my brother on my behalf a couple years ago.
apartment at the time was by an older hippie guy whose "latest
sales/scheme" was
selling an herbal tonic ---Noni juice from the Noni tree. He was always
to my brother that I should take the Noni juice because other Diabetic
have taken it and no longer have to take insulin! And would bring him
and other crap about it.
 My first comment was, "Are these type 1 or 2 Diabetics?" since I think he
with an older group of folks.
 the 2nd and more prominent point I had was, WHO CARES about taking Noni
so I can stop taking insulin! That's just switching out one daily dose of
something for another, the herbal Noni juice being an unregulated and
scientifically unknown "remedy". IDIOT!
 I just laughed at him too and my brother just politely ignored him as he
does with people like that:-)
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00; 22 weeks pregnant:-)
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<<I was approached about a year ago by someone selling a line of herbal
supplements (I won't mention the name of the company).  I told the
salesperson that because I have diabetes, I stay away from herbal
supplements of any kind.  Well, she was TOTALLY trying to sell me a
particular product that was supposed to help with lowering glucose levels
the body.  She told me that there was one lady who had been on insulin
to taking this product and AFTER taking it, didn't have to take insulin

Because I live in a very small community and I know this lady's family
(parents, siblings, grandparents) I didn't really go off on her as she
deserved at that moment.  I just laughed at her and immediately went to the


Have any of you ever been approached about taking an herbal product that
will "help you to get off insulin"???

I still laugh about it now!

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