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RE: [IP] herbal supplements

There was a blurb in the latest issue of Diabets Forecast that mentioned
Noni Juice.  It seems that people with kidney problems may have issues with
it since it contains large amounts of potassium (either from the noni itself
or because the juice is "cut" with grape juice).

I hadn't thought about it as a medicine that would still require the same
daily dosing.   Neat thought.

I'm glad my momma didn't raise another fool.  =)  I can't speak for my


--- "Stephens, Janet" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  the 2nd and more prominent point I had was, WHO CARES about taking Noni
> juice
> so I can stop taking insulin! That's just switching out one daily dose of
> something for another, the herbal Noni juice being an unregulated and
> scientifically unknown "remedy". IDIOT!
>  I just laughed at him too and my brother just politely ignored him as he
> always
> does with people like that:-)
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