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Re: [IP] Travel Letter Help - ASAP


  Disetronics sent out travel cards for pumpers to wear.  Here is what it
says on each side:
    1)  _______ (person's name) has diabetes and is wearing an insulin pump.
The pump delivers insulin continuously, requiring it to be worn 24 hours a
day.  I have prescribed this device and determined the therapy is medically
necessary.  Removal of this device can lead to coma or death.

For additional information about the insulin pump, please call Disetronic
Pump Support at 1-800-688-4578.

Physician Name (Print)
Physician Signature:
D.E.A/Practitioner's #
Physician Phone

On the other side it reads:  The patient also carries an emergency kit.
This kit contains supplies for care of their diabetes, incluidng: insulin,
syringes, needles, a glucose meter, lancing device, batteries, and infusion
sets.  They may also be carrying a back-up pump and/or an insulin injection

Then the Dis logo with their WWW addy and phone number is listed.

Hope this helps.

Oh, this is all about the sizr of an ID card, plastic and the hand written
areas are similar to CC areas where you have to sign your credit card.  IT
really is a great little card and has everything anyone could possibly

mom to Joshua
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