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Re: [IP] How long can one use tubing

This may be repeating something someone else said, but.......

We have always used the tubing until the insulin ran out, changing only the
infusion set itself.

Having said that, we have had a few problems lately with the tubingbeing split
at the point where it is attached to the connector on the reservoir end of the
tubing.  Had it not been for the fact that Erica discovered the insulin
leaking out because she could smell it she could have gotten much sicker than
she was.   In fact, the same thing had happened to the pumping son of a friend
ours and he ended up in DKA.

Erica uses a 507C and in order to use 300 units, the end of the reservoir
sticks out of the pump which may put it in harms way BUT, this problem was
evident in sets out of the box.

This has now become an automatic check we will do when sugars are rising for
no obvious reason.  We aren't as confident of the tubing as we once were.

hope this helps :)

Barb Chafe
Chair - Insulin Pumpers Canada - N. S. Div.
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