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[IP] Re: A1C Numbers and How They Compare to Blood Sugars

please excuse my ignorance. would you mind explaining this statement a
"the A1c is often referred to as
an average, even though it technically isn't.  It's my understanding from
things I've read, as well as my CDE and Endo, that hypos and highs will skew
it though."

so am i to understand that there's a difference between "average" and the
amount of glycerated hemoglobin?
and if hypo's and high's "skew" -in other words, inaccurately affect the
readings- then i am one confused person. :)

so a person who swings wildly- say, has lots of 50's and 500's - who ends up
with an average a1c of say 8; would that 8  be more or less likely to be an
accurate "measurement and prognosticator of future complications" than a
person who's bs is always around 180- an average a1c of 8.

is this making sense? i guess i'm asking are there things that can "skew" and
a1c so that maybe a high a1c isn't really as bad as one might think????

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