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[IP] Types of Diabetes (Was: Diabetic Magazines) -- LONG

Scott -

 <<Although hypoglycemia unawareness can also happen to individuals with Type 2,
the fact that functionining Islets remain helps to protect most of them.

 For all of these reasons, I think renaming the different types of diabetes is
entirely appropriate, and not trivial in the least.>>

Very well said.  I worry over my child's life every night.

Hypo's are a very real & frightening part of my life.

I am putting my kid on the pump for two reasons:

 1) to make sure that when I "hand over" his diabetes maintenance, I can say, "I
did the best that I could with the technology available"


 2) so that his caregivers in the next 12 years will realize that my child has a
live-threatening disease.

 The pump is a visual reminder, to those who know nothing about diabetes, that
my son will not live with out insulin and that hypos must be treated

 I feel very badly for parents whose kids are diagnosed in the teen years.
Although my child will have a 10-year jump on complications, at least my child
has no choice but to be "compliant" &, my little guy doesn't know any thing


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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