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[IP] A Good Minimed Story (long)

 <<Presently, I'm considering what pump to get next. I know I don't want the
Paradigm. That led me to research the other options available, and I've pretty
much ruled out the 508 as well. snip

 It is simply due to needing and wanting different features from what they are
offering today. snip>>

Kristen  - 

 And this in itself speaks volumes. Not just about MiniMed but about the other
pump companies as well.

 How did Deltec come out with all of the features of the Cozmo with no
competition from the other pump companies? Because they researched what pumpers
want/need. The other companies were comfortable with the status quo.

 What the Cozmo does is not beyond the capabilities of the other pump companies,
they just "pushed the envelope" and I am so happy they did - for the benefit of
the consumer!

 Now, not only will the others try to meet the features of the Cozmo, they will
have to exceed! Hah, a win for the consumer!

Capitalism at its finest.  JMHO.


Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. & Jessie 21
western Massachusetts

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