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Re: [IP] Scar Tissue From 3+ Sites??

> I have also
> noticed that his old sites have a tiny red dot that is just slightly
raised &
> take some time to go away. I was looking at the bum (he he!) of another 4
> old pumper whose mom changes her sites out every 2 days (they only use the
> area) & there are NO marks on her butt. I can't help but wonder if I
should do
> the site changes every 2 days or....

I'm not certain that what I have is the same, but I get a red dot that lasts
for a week or two from each site change.  I've never really seen this as a
problem.  I used to go some four, even five days between site changes, and
I've never had any problem at all with absorption.  The only thing I worry
about is trying to put an infusion set in the same place too soon, before it
has had a chance to heal.

I could well be wrong about this -- there's a lot I don't know; but it seems
to me that when you have a foreign object in your body for several days at a
time, a little red spot where it was for a while afterwards is probably
normal.  It is a wound, and wounds take time to heal.

If anybody knows something I don't, feel free to correct me, but that's how
I see it.  I don't even do anything to treat those red spots, either.  I
just let them heal.  (Puss I do think I would deal with, but red spots, no.)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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