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[IP] Dupuytren's Contracture- and other hand stuff

  I have been following this discussion with a lot of interest because I
recently decided that I need to address my own hand issues. I don't think I have
dupuytren's contracture, my hands are still very flexible, but in the last year
or two I have
 had increasing trouble with them hurting. Especialy in the winter when it is
cold the joints in my hands can be so sore. This year the Maine winter was
really getting to me, I had trouble just tying my shoes for a while. I can't
type or write for
 long periods any more, this is a disappointment because when I was younger I
had really good fine motor skills and did lots or intricate crafts for hours on
end. I know I am a little too worked up about this but I am only 23 (D for 16
years) and
 don't like the thought of this getting worse. Does any one know of how I can
start some kind of exercises that could help this? I feel a little reluctant
going to the Dr, their always like 'your young, you should be enjoying life not
 about an old persons disease' but that does not help the problem any. Do people
just start exercises on their own or do the see their Endo first, or their
primary care dr?
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