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Re: [IP] travel

Here are 2 messages I saved from the children with diabetes list:

"And I'd like to add that because of the training that CWD did with the
Magic Kingdom staff, they are very, very aware of the needs of people with
type 1 diabetes. I can't say that this extends to all the parks because our
training dealt specifically with Magic Kingdom. Thanks to Marvin Smith who
works in management at Magic Kingdom, the staff do recognize that type 1
diabetes may require a special assistance pass, and what that might entail.

When our conference goes back there in 2003, we've already spoken with them
about the Special Assistance Passes also meaning that we can butt in any
food/beverage line - right to the front - if there is an insulin reaction

They do understand. And if anyone visiting MK on their own has questions or
problems, please don't hesitate to find Marvin Smith. He is located at City
Hall on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. He's a wonderful guy. :)"

"In my experience, the passes have been most helpful when the line is over
30 minutes long, it's hot and humid, and you'll have to stand in the sun.
These kinds of environmental things make kids sick fast. So, rather than
wait 30 minutes for your child to start feeling sick, it's best to approach
the attendant and say something like, "I have a special assistance pass for
my child; your wait indicates 45 minutes, but that long in the sun will make
her ill - what do you suggest?" They would either let you right in, or find
someplace shaded or with AC for you to sit. I've never had to wait the
entire "wait time" sitting in the AC. Usually it's about 10 minutes or so
until someone comes to get you."

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>   Hi all. i will be going to disney world at the end of this month,i was
> wondering if they have any places on the grounds to go if we get sick go
> or anything like that,also do they let us in if the heat is bothering us.
> thanks for any responce that you can give.  Marty
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