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[IP] Re: Diabetes and Pregnancy

I don't really have any answers to your questions, but I wanted to 
let you know that there is a sort of "spin-off" group from this list 
for pumping women who are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant 
or trying to get "permission" to try to get pregnant. It started 
because a bunch of IP members wanted to have a special place to 
discuss pregnancy-related issues. Anyone is welcome to join. It is 
very easy to join--just go to Yahoo.com, go to Groups, and search for 
"PregnantPumpers". I think there are about 30 of us on the list now, 
including women in all stages of pregnancy, so I think you'd find a 
lot of answers.

Best of luck with your pregnancy and your twins!!!

>I am looking for experiences of other women during their pregnancies.
>How did your insulin needs change?  For example did you just increase
>your entire basal by a certain percentage straight across or did you
>have to make different changes at different times of the day?  Did any
>one need to change the insulin to CHO ratios?  Any differences with
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