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Re: [IP] I'm going on a trip

Hey Summer.  Toronto is great.  If you happen to go anywhere near St.
Catharines let me know. maybe we could meet up or something

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Subject: [IP] I'm going on a trip

> Well I leave Friday for Toronto for a girl guide leader weekend. I will be
> flying out by myself and meeting up with 2 friends(different flights). I
hope to
> get through no problem - still debating how to go about pump and security,
> trainer(a pumper of 20+ years) says she always ask's to be hand wanded,
most of
> you's just say to walk on through - I think I plan to just walk on through
> and see how that goes but on my return flight may be hand checked
depending on
> my first experience( my thought being my airports small enough that if it
> it off or there are any problems I can explain it no problem - where in
> most of the employees are not English speaking and it may be harder to
>  Anyways I am taking alot of pump supplies(just incase) that will all be
in my
> purse(it expands BIG) and in my carry-on I will have my juice boxes,
> granola bars and snacks for the weekend - never need to bring snacks to a
> Guide event but I like to have them Just in case! I'll also have my camera
> so on.
>  I havn't started packing yet but I do believe this will be my lightest
> yet, knowing that I could technically go all day(and night) without eating
> still be alive! makes it easier now!! I usually go with a month full of
> BUT I've never had anyone complain, when were delayed and I'm feeding all
> travel mates! They love it!!
>  Thanks for all your advice( I didn't ask for any, but many others have
and I've
> been paying attention to it all!!)
> My first trips as a pumper!!!!!
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
> Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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