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Re:[IP] Scar Tissue From 3+ Sites??

I have been reading recently about some people who experience scar tissue
> raised red bumps that take time to heal from using sites longer than 3
> Last night when I was doing Cole's site change, I took his 3 day old site
> his butt & it looked real red & kinda pussy (sp?) like a bug bite. I have
> noticed that his old sites have a tiny red dot that is just slightly
raised &
> take some time to go away. I was looking at the bum (he he!) of another 4
> old pumper whose mom changes her sites out every 2 days (they only use the
> area) & there are NO marks on her butt. I can't help but wonder if I
should do
> the site changes every 2 days or....
> Are there any studies on this?  Insight?
> Thanks,
> Rachel - Phoenix, AZ
>  Single Mom to Cole, Almost 5!! Pumping with Buzz Lightyear (AKA Animas)
> 2-20-03, dx'd at 23 months

Hi Rachel,

It may be that some children's skin is more sensitive than others.  But I do
notice that if I leave my site in more than 3 days, yup, I get the bumps.
Tender blossom that I am.  But I think this is a "your mileage may vary"
thing.  In my imagination, I try on having a child who is pumping and think
that dealing with insertions and dealing with "bumps" must be a tough
balance beam to walk.  For myself, I prefer not to change a good site before
3 days, and I cope with my "bumps".  I'm sure you will hear more sage advice
from real pump mamas and not us boring old ladies.  :-)

Warmly, Margaret
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