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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #158

Subject: [IP] GlucoWatch G2 Biographer

 I started using a GlucoWatch G2 Biographer several weeks after starting on the
pump in October. Initial use was disappointing for several reasons:

 1.) Frequent "skip" readings--These seemed to occur whenever my arm was in use
during a reading, no matter what I was doing.
 2.) Eczema-like site irritations on my arm following watch removal--The skin
irritation and discretion lasts two-three weeks.
 3.) Long warm-up time: If you use the watch PRN, the 2+ hr. wait prior to
obtaining the first reading is very inconvenient, esp. if you don't decide to
start the watch until 11 or 12 PM due to hyper/hypoglycemia.
 4.)Discomfort: The watch is bulky, is easily bumped due to its large size, fits
awkwardly under clothing, and is uncomfortable during readings.
 5.)Cost: The cost of the reading patches is $7.50 each; they only last 12 or so
hours. Since insurance coverage on these devices is apparently quite poor at
present, this is much more than most of us can afford to pay for continuous

 All in all, I only wear the watch when I'm really concerned about running into
highs and lows when I can't self-monitor easily, when I'm traveling/sleeping
alone, or when I'm feeling too sick/sleepy to be vigilant with the glucometer.
Most of the time, I far prefer the glucometer.

 Until they vastly improve automatic glucose reading devices I can't say I'd
recommend the GlucoWatch G2 w/o describing the above drawbacks. It will be
wonderful when a sleek, less painful system with fewer side effects is
developed. For now, the latest model has enough drawbacks to give me pause in
using it unless there's an overriding reason to put it on.

Paradigm pumping since 10/02
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