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Re: [IP] diabetes and pregnancy with twins

When I was having kids I did not have a pump but I do know that the insulin
requirements went up as it got closer to delivery.  My sister who is on a
pump did and I do know that near the end third trimester she was taking
shots on the third day so she would not have to change the sets before the
three days were up.

I did end up with an UTI in my third trimester with all of mine (4) and had
to go on antibiotics near the end for all of them.  But do remember that
everyone is different and this was just me and what I know of my sister.
She did have to change her basal rates.  I would imagine that twins would be
more of the same.

Keep your apt. Hopefully you have a good dr. and try try try to keep the BS
levels close to normal (I did not always manage this but I did try.)

Hope that this helps give you some information.  Good Luck

> I am looking for experiences of other women during their pregnancies.
> How did your insulin needs change?  For example did you just increase
> your entire basal by a certain percentage straight across or did you
> have to make different changes at different times of the day?  Did any
> one need to change the insulin to CHO ratios?  Any differences with
> twins?
> I am now only about 6 weeks pregnant.  My last A1C was 5.9.  My blood
> sugar lately has been pretty good although a few too many lows.
> I know that everyone is different but I am curious to hear other
> people's stories, which will help me to prepare better.
> Thanks Jenn
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