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Re: [IP] travel

>From my wife (An UN official offical expert on WDW):

> Well, there are first aid stations in every park. While the info I
> have doesn't specifically state that supplies to deal with diabetics
> are available, I would be highly surprised if Disney is not prepared
> for this type of medical emergency.  The first aid stations are
> location on the map at each park, but I'll list them here in case you
> want to write them down:
> * Magic Kingdom: Right next to Crystal Palace, behind Casey's Corner
> * Epcot: Odyssey Center, between Future World and World Showcase,
> slightly north of Test Track
> * MGM: After you enter the park, it is immediately on your left
> * Animal Kingdom: Take the left track around the Tree of Life as you
> enter the park (this is the west side), and once you pass Pizzafari,
> it is on your left side.
> That being said, WDW is large.  You may be on the opposite side of the
> park from the first aid station.  Carry your own method of
> counteracting a low, or buy a real pop if need be.  If you find
> yourself in desperate need of attention, ask ANY Cast Member for help
> and you will receive it.

I hope this helps.  (BTW, we're going down for my birthday on June 7!


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>   Hi all. i will be going to disney world at the end of this month,i was 
> wondering if they have any places on the grounds to go if we get sick go low 
> or anything like that,also do they let us in if the heat is bothering us. 
> thanks for any responce that you can give.  Marty
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