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Re: [IP] travel


  We did DW last July, in the heat of summer.  Josh is the pumper.  DW does
not have much in the way of special services but you can get Advanced
Tickets at most of the bigger attractions will will give you a time slot for
getting in line and make it so youd on't have to stand in the big long
lines..  As far as medical attention there int he park,,,,,NO, they have
people who know basic first aide and that was all.  Not even the hotel on
the park had more advanced medical facitilies.  In that respect I was kind
of disappointed.

Be prepared to show your bags when entering each park.  But when it came to
Josh's fannie pack with his meter and stuff, once we told them he was DMer
adn that was his emergency kit, they didn't even want to open it and just
checked out backpack and went through.

Have Fun....Oh, at the water parks just disconnect and put your pump in a
locker.  If it is the type that beeps when in suspension mode (we have
H-Tron which beeps every 3 minutes) then don't suspend.  Can you imagine the
caous is someone heard it beeping???  The parks are a BLAST!!!!  ENJOY!!

mom to Joshua
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