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[IP] I'm going on a trip

 Well I leave Friday for Toronto for a girl guide leader weekend. I will be
flying out by myself and meeting up with 2 friends(different flights). I hope to
get through no problem - still debating how to go about pump and security, my
trainer(a pumper of 20+ years) says she always ask's to be hand wanded, most of
you's just say to walk on through - I think I plan to just walk on through here
and see how that goes but on my return flight may be hand checked depending on
my first experience( my thought being my airports small enough that if it sets
it off or there are any problems I can explain it no problem - where in Toronto
most of the employees are not English speaking and it may be harder to explain.)

 Anyways I am taking alot of pump supplies(just incase) that will all be in my
purse(it expands BIG) and in my carry-on I will have my juice boxes, sugars,
granola bars and snacks for the weekend - never need to bring snacks to a Girl
Guide event but I like to have them Just in case! I'll also have my camera and
so on.
 I havn't started packing yet but I do believe this will be my lightest load
yet, knowing that I could technically go all day(and night) without eating and
still be alive! makes it easier now!! I usually go with a month full of snacks!
BUT I've never had anyone complain, when were delayed and I'm feeding all my
travel mates! They love it!!

 Thanks for all your advice( I didn't ask for any, but many others have and I've
been paying attention to it all!!)
My first trips as a pumper!!!!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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