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Re: [IP] Re: MedicAL Alert

Thanks for the clarification.  My bad.  I am guilty (very) of the 'Kleenex'
and 'Xerox' crime. *wink*
*God Bless the USA*
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> >>>The nice thing about these is that you can
> have all the info about your pump put on your medic alert.   There are
> different options as to what to have put on it, but it's nice to have the
> choice.  Most of the people I know just have one that says
> Diabetic: Type 1
> InsulinPumpTherapy   (Note: Spaces put you over your 18 letter max per
> 555-555-5555  (Emergency contact, either a good friend or trusted doctor)
> I notice at the website they call these *Personalized ID Bracelets.*
> Alert* is a name of a specific company which has an 800# on the bracelet
> call as well as the medical condition. They have on file your meds, dr's
> next of kin, allergies, etc. This company was developed out of the
> designer's dtr being allergic to penicillin and almost died in treatment.
> All other such jewelry is called *medical alert*. Sort of like Kleenex,
> Xerox, Frigidaire, etc. - they are trade names, not generic descriptions.
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