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[IP] Re: Medic Alert

>>>The nice thing about these is that you can
have all the info about your pump put on your medic alert.   There are many
different options as to what to have put on it, but it's nice to have the
choice.  Most of the people I know just have one that says
Diabetic: Type 1
InsulinPumpTherapy   (Note: Spaces put you over your 18 letter max per line)
555-555-5555  (Emergency contact, either a good friend or trusted doctor)

I notice at the website they call these *Personalized ID Bracelets.* *Medic
Alert* is a name of a specific company which has an 800# on the bracelet to
call as well as the medical condition. They have on file your meds, dr's #,
next of kin, allergies, etc. This company was developed out of the
designer's dtr being allergic to penicillin and almost died in treatment.
All other such jewelry is called *medical alert*. Sort of like Kleenex,
Xerox, Frigidaire, etc. - they are trade names, not generic descriptions.

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