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Re: [IP] Bad Set insertion

and when I hit the button on the serter I had immediate pain. I had to do
 breathing just to get the insertion needle out. It didn't hurt after I got
 out, however, so I decided to leave it in a while and see if it worked

Sherry, this has happened to me in the past and it was because I had a bent
needle. It just takes a little bit to cause unbelievable pain. Also, I have
been told that if you tighten up your abdomen just before you insert that
you could stand a better chance of bending the needle. I guess it is due to
the fact that your muscles are contracted and become harder and makes it
more difficult to be introduced but I don't know. It could also be the
nerves in your abdomen and maybe you hit them but once again I don't know.
What I do know is the pain you are talking about and believe me it is not
fun. Good luck with your future changes.
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