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[IP] Bad Set insertion

 I use SofSets and use a serter (cause I'm a chicken). Last night I was due for
a change
 and when I hit the button on the serter I had immediate pain. I had to do some
 breathing just to get the insertion needle out. It didn't hurt after I got the
 out, however, so I decided to leave it in a while and see if it worked ('cause
 couldn't face changing it again right then). I've had good numbers since then.
So I
 guess even thought it hurt A LOT it is still a good set. It's amazing to me how
I can
 use basically the same area, same angle, same supplies and have some that hurt
 badly, and some I barely feel. I don't often feel sorry for myself, but when
I'm trying
 to get a needle out of my abdomen a millimeter at a time because it hurts so
bad, then
I do!

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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