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No Subject

Well Sara and Wayne etc.  - you know how I love to talk about pizza?  You 
don't ?  Well stay tuned -- gotta an article on it coming out in May's 
Diabetes Interview - but hey, they cut all the 'good' stuff, the article 
doesn't touch glucagon or protein conversion to energy. (And no Ryan, you 
might be absolutely right about arginine being the amino acid that does the 
converting, but personally I don't like the glucagon theory.  Maybe I have a 
dumb liver - mine is either not dumping glucose or it dumps every thing it 

Wayne if I ONLY eat 2 pieces of pizza I bolus for all the carbs right away 
too with no ill effects, but if I have 3 or more then I have those lows 
before a delayed high just like Sara's talking about.  I think it has a lot 
to do not only what you eat, and when you bolus, but also the total fat and 
protein content for the day.

Pizza has so many variables that I really think the best plan is to limit 
yourself to only a couple of slices per meal and then YMMV anyway.

I love to read these posts.  Makes me hungry ( I can almost taste the 

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