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RE: [IP] Type 2 and overweight people

I think if losing weight (or not gaining it) were that easy, then we
wouldn't have an obesity problem in this country. I am type I so as you
naively put it, the weight is not a factor. Unfortunately it is. The heavier
I am the more insulin resistant I risk becoming. Type II's are not the only
ones who have to worry about their weight.

I did take offense to your post, and I want you to know I tried really hard
not to. Perhaps you didn't mean to make it sound as though you think we are
all just sitting around doing nothing. Perhaps you didn't mean to make it
sound like you think weight can just be lost with little or no effort or
that there is no social or emotional connections to weight loss?

Mostly though, I am just curious as to why you would even ask such a
question - if not to be hurtful then what possible reason could you have? I
would rank you post up there with non-diabetics who tell diabetics that it
should be easy to give up their favorite foods - all you have to do is not
eat sugar, right?

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