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[IP] Another one!

Well since my motor failure message on my paradigm I had to change my battery 
twice this week.  In addition, it looks as though the top of my pump where 
the battery goes is becoming stripped so I called minimed last evening and 
told them about my concern.  The rep, again was very professional and 
concerned, he put me on hold for a minute, and it truly was only a minute, 
and he got back to me telling me his supervisor said they would either issue 
me another pump or another top for the battery.  He did say that all the tops 
should fit all the pumps but if it didnt it might get some water in it if I 
took it in the shower with me (and sometimes I do) so I opted for the new 
pump.  It will be arriving Tuesday Fed Ex.  My 4th one since Apr but I really 
do love my pumps.  Now Max the 4th.  Jan
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