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[IP] Re: Re: Flying w/ Pump

In a message dated 3/23/03 11:35:51 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< >Can anyone who has recently flown give me a heads up 
>on what to expect when going through security? I wear

>a Disetronic pump. >>

I just returned from Cancun, Mexico. I flew American to Miami from 
Philadelphia, and changed planes in Miami for Mexico. The reverse on the way 

A month ago, I flew USAir from Phila to San Diego and back. It was Orange 
Alert both times.

Different airlines behave differently. 

US Air: I checked my bagage. Took my carryon with supplies. Had my Insuling 
in a cooler with an icepack. 

They hand checked the insulin at all flights. I was hand searched at several 
sites, but on the last one my pump wasn't visable so I walked right through 
with no problem.

American Air: They hand searched all the baggage at every stop.

Even in Mexico, they understood the Insulin Pump. They needed to see the 
brand at one point. It is Minimed 508.

Have a great trip.

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