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[Fwd: [IP] Dupuytren's Contracture]

I had carpal tunnel surgery done about three years ago.  The tests were
run by the Orthopedic doctor my GP had refered me to.  However, I'm sure
my Autonomic Peripheral Neuropathy might have skewed the results.  I
have it in the lower parts of my hands as well as the feet.  I then
developed trigger finger in the middle and ring fingers of my left had.
I need my hands because I work in the Computer Industry and am
constantly at a keyboard.  Anyway, the fingers would lock up and would
be extremely painful to release.  It was about that time that I also
noticed the Dupuytren's Contracture between the thumb and index fingers
of my left hand.  The swelling on the nodes seems to fluctuate over
time, but have had no real problems with it as yet.  Of course, I have
had Diabetes for over 28 years now.  Still working for the pump -
June;/July timeframe.  Leaning towards the Animas or Cozmo, but still
need an education before making the final decision.

Gary (dx 9/74  6-7/03 for pumping)
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 I don't know if someone else has already pointed this out, as I get the digest
version, but the April Diabetes Forecast has an article on Diabetes and Your
 Hands about stiff hand syndrome, carpal tunnel, and Dupuytren's Contracture.
article says that increased collagen in the tissues causes the tendons of the
fingers to become shortened and unable to glide properly. Trigger finger is an
early symptom.

 I think I may have this. I recently went to the doctor about an index finger
that is very stiff and painful. He diagnosed it as tendonitis, but did not use
the term Dupuytren (I also have tendonitis in my wrists) and sent me back to
 "hand therapy" Friday (I went to weeks of hand therapy last year for my
The hand therapist noted that my fingers are all quite stiff. She kept telling
me to relax and I kept saying, "this IS me relaxed". I am supposed to begin to
do "passive" stretches--using my other hand to bend my finger to my palm (this
 hurts!) and also ice. I'm going to be going to hand therapy two times a week
4 or 5 weeks. At hand therapy we do stretches, massage and other things I can't
remember the terms for.

I'd love to hear more about people's experiences with this type of problem!

Katie McGovern
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