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[IP] Re: Bolusing for fat and so on

>Fat from foods doesn't convert/break down into glucose like
>protein and carbohydrate - humans have no mechanism for that (it
>gets stored as body fat almost immediately unless there are
>absorption problems etc). Stored fats, however, are a different
>story. The glycerol molecule (which gets stripped from the

>- -- YOH Ryan... jump in on this..

Okay.  That statement is absolutely correct, as far as I'm aware, although I
have heard that as much as 10% of fat might EVENTUALLY be turned into
energy, but since the body has to work VERY hard to do it, typically you
don't see it happen.  The body uses carbs and then protein first, so
practically speaking, no fat gets converted to ernergy.

The only comment I have is that "humans have no mechanism for that" isn't
totally accurate...otherwise there would be no mechanism for converting
stored fat into energy...but, it would imply a two-step process.

I'm sure others are more knowledgable in this area, though.

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