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[IP] Rapid Drops from Correction Bolus

Does this happen to anyone else?
Occasionally I find an unexpected high BG (sometimes from snacking without a
bolus, but sometimes just rather unaccounted for.)  I take a correction dose
of 1:30, and blammo in about a half an hour the darn thing has gone down 150
points.  This is a daytime occurrence, though I also have an overnight
situation where one unit = a 60 point drop, and my BG can drop a hundred
points from 6:30am to maybe 7:30 am.
I cant blame it on the meter, it happens on any of them.  I don't know how to
explain it to the educator, and I don't know why it happens so much.  We all
have those times when it just doesn't want to go down for a few hours, but
this is a weird situation and an unpredictable pain.
(and am currently on one basal rate for 24 hours--one higher for PMS, one
Standard and one all a tenth lower.  The Educator wanted to throw out all the
peaks and valleys I had in my basal profile, and look at it from one angle.)
Any ideas?
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