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Re: [IP] developing sensitivity to insulin?

>>>If you do end up using some kind of regular insulin in your pump, I would
recommend NOT using plain old regular.  Use Velosulin.  It is buffered, and
you need a buffered insulin for use in the pump.  Plain regular tends to
cause problems.  I think it is supposed to be more prone to clumping up in
the infusion sets or something.>>>

That was mainly due to the type of infusion line (tubing) we had back then.

>>... I had some difficulty finding Velosulin at one point.  >>

I remember when that happened and I received a letter from Nordisk giving me
special priviliges to buy it. That may have been when they were in the
process of BR-ing it. At first it was not buffered. There were only two of
us at my pharmacy who used Velosulin then. They made sure they kept it in
stock for me - and if the other person wanted some as well, they informed me
they would not have it for another day.

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