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RE [IP] Dupuytren's Contracture

-- ive read almost every post, on this site, for almost 6 months.
Ive not brought this up, but the time has come...

Ive had this delightful illness, for 46 years, so im no youngster, to it, 
or to life.
(and, yes i know, some are older, and have had it longer)
I have had some "carpal tunnel" I sit, and have sat, in front of a 
keyboard, for 21 years,
(or, is it, because i have diabetes) ???.

I have some author-itus (misspelled on purpose), for 8 years... im 52 now...

Now " Dupuytren's Contracture " ??? WHAT NEXT ???????

Im not, in any way, denying the existence of this, or any other problem.

All im attempting to say, when i sneeze, could it be some diabetic thing 
??? sure,
but, (and some may say, im in denial...... hardly), and im not trying to 
put anyone down.

BUT you know the old saying "SH&^#* Happens".

maybe it is, and maybe its not, but, the fact that some, of what i read, is 
experienced by non diabetics, i just find it too easy, to say, "Oh its 
because im a diabetic"

Just my 2.63 cents. NPMWV (Normal Peoples Mileage Will Vary)

len phila pa.dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02 (is this great, or what ?)
Most of what I have learned has been taught to me by others.
I guess that means I have to teach others what I have learned
Lately It Occurs To Me
What A Long Strange Trip Its Been
(R. Hunter)
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