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Re: [IP] Dupuytren's Contracture

Katie, I have had PT several times on my hands and it is wonderful,
although painful at first.  If you keep it up faithfully at home, you
will have a lot less pain in the long run in your hands, or at least I
did.  I have clay/putty that I play with-work with twice a day.  

I also do hot wax treatments on my hands several times a week.  This is
something that works very well for me, but I don't have any problems
with heat.  You have to be VERY CAREFUL with this, especially if you
have any neuropathy and any loss of sensation.  This was done to my at
PT for a while and they recommended that I get a home hot wax spa to do
it myself.  I have one where you can adjust the temperature and I keep
it at the lowest to just melt the wax.  It's not hot at all when I stick
my hands in, and feels great.  I love to sit for 15 minutes with my
hands in the gloves.  It feels great.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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