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RE: [IP] Type 2 and overweight people

I wonder how supported your "friend Mark" would feel if he read your
earlier post?  You still don't get it.

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Subject: [IP] Type 2 and overweight people

I made this post simply out of curiousity.

Everyone I know personally who is T2 are overweight.  One person in 
particular is over 350+ pounds and his weight will flucuate anywhere 
from 225-375. He goes to Duke University once a year to their weight 
loss program, looses a whole bunch of weight, eats right and is able 
to get off his insulin shots.  Then in a moment of weakness, he starts 
eating all the things he should not eat (mass amounts of ice cream, 
sweets, etc) and his weight will skyrocket again, he becomes very ill, 
ends up in the hospital with DKA and must start the rollercoaster all 
over again.  

I made this post, thinking of my friend Mark and how he has battled on 
and off with T2 for the past 20 years. 

I myself have been T1 since the age of 13.  I am now 31 and deal with 
the complications everyday.  Yes the pump has given me control, yet I 
do not eat like a normal person.  I still eat as a diabetic used to, 
so many exchanges of this food group and that food group, but I also 
know that I am in control now instead of it controlling me.

I guess next time, I will just keep my thoughts to myself and not post 
as I can now truly see how viscious some people can be.  This was not 
out of ignorance of myself, as I have researched this disease as best 
as I can, but I will admit I do not research things that do not 
pertain to me as an individual (such as T2).

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