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Re: [IP] Re: Shaving for Diabetes

Hi Laura, 
  I know what you mean..... I told every one last night to ca;; 911 I was going
to take a bath and shave my legs...HEHEHE. If us diabetics worrued about
infection everytime we did any thing we wouldn't have time to manage our
Thanks, Bonne'
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>He was checking my legs and noticed where I had NICKED my self 
>shaving my legs,and started giving me this BIG speech on "How 
>Diabetics SHOULDN"T SHAVE ANY PART of there body" 
>Because of the razar and the chance of cutting your self. Has any one 
>else heard this??? 

Out of curiousity, does this doctor also think we're risking our lives every 
time we do a bg test? 

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