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Re: [IP] Flying w/Pumps

> Can anyone who has recently flown give me a heads up on what to expect
> going through security? I wear a Disetronic pump.

Nothing.  ;-)  That's not to say, of course, that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you
to have any problems related to flying with the pump, but it is unlikely.

It works best to keep the pump hidden.  Otherwise they think it is a pager
and ask you to take it off.  If you do wear it showing and they do that,
though, if you tell them what it is, they shouldn't give you any more

The official recommendation is to alert the people there that you are
diabetic.  I have found this to be needless and a hassle.  More than likely,
if you send your baggage through and walk through like everyone else does,
you won't have a problem.  If you do, immediately alert them to your
diabetes and your insulin pump.

Also, carry the insulin in the box it came in with the prescription label.
If you have the prescription label and are asked any questions about your
syringes or lancets, the label on the insulin sort of gives you permission
to carry those sharps with you.

Generally, when you tell them about your pump, they know what you are
talking about and don't hassle you, but it does slow things down to draw
attention to it and announce your condition and your medical equipment, so I
highly recommend saying nothing at all unless it becomes necessary.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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