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Re: [IP] developing sensitivity to insulin?

If you do end up using some kind of regular insulin in your pump, I would
recommend NOT using plain old regular.  Use Velosulin.  It is buffered, and
you need a buffered insulin for use in the pump.  Plain regular tends to
cause problems.  I think it is supposed to be more prone to clumping up in
the infusion sets or something.

I'm uncertain as to the exact reason for the problem, but on occasion, I had
some difficulty finding Velosulin at one point.  I tried various brands of
plain Regular (Human) insulins, and every one I tried shot my blood sugars
through the roof.  I was given an explanation that was something along the
lines that I gave above, but it was a fairly common problem for pump users.
Of course, YMMV.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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