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RE: [IP] Dupuytrens Contracture???

Just wanted to say thinks forposting thins....I think that I have it and
will make sure to ask my doc when I see him again....I saw an orthopidist
about it a month ago and since nothing showed up on the x-ray he couldn't
tell what it was....wonder if he even noticed I had Diabetes.....hmmm

thanks again!

(dx'd 1999 pumping with Ayasha the Cozmo since 2/24/03)

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>Hi Guys,
>Saw my doctor on thursday for my annual flu vaccine and mentioned to him
>that I had a couple of lumps beneath the skin on my left palm. I had a
>trigger finger a couple of years ago and thought this might be related.
>However, he tells me that this is the early stage of Dupuytrens
>Not too serious at the moment and may never be serious but he informed me
>that diabetic men more than women tend to acquire this occasionally and I
>was wondering how common this is among the pumping community. Never heard
>this before.
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